Some herbal for you

March 18, 2010

People I’m closest to, know that I’m a huge herbal/ home remedy person. Always trying, testing, and thirsty to learn more..

I truly believe that every home has a pharmacy right at their fingertips- their kitchen.

Your kitchen has whatever medication (almost) that can cure many, many ailments if you will. And this is why I’ve decided to blog about some excellent remedies I actually practice and not jus preach.

Feel free to please give feedback- I’m a @#$% for this stuff

Disclaimer- I do not claim to be a Greek-all-knowing herbal Goddess dressed in this white, chiffon, flowing Grecian robe with vintage style beading, and I never fantasize about it either *cough*


2 Responses to “Some herbal for you”

  1. UNI Says:

    Miss Amazin, ur so funny boo

  2. daedul Says:

    Thankyou darling- i like to think of myself as sophisticated, classy, witty and intelligent- but i’ll accept funny simply cz ur gorgeous (no, i’m not shallow either) looool

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