Chamomile tea-the art of the Bourgeoisie?

March 22, 2010

I associate tea with the bourgeoisie crowd.

It jus doesnt appeal to me, and I only drink it if I’m down with something. I simply am a coffee person.

I also know thanks to wikipedia, scientists, tons of ol’ wives tales, and many a visits to remarkable spice markets in the Middle East as well as European doctors prescriptions that chamomile tea is magic!

It really is magic!! And it’s not jus for the Bourgeoisie. People on an international level stick up for it and different cultures recommend it religiously.

My list of when to use chamomile tea is as follows:

– When you’ve overloaded on the fried chicken and coleslaw
– When your muscles are sore for whatever reason
– When babies cry i.e. are uneasy, or can’t sleep (recommended to give to the child ofc)
– When you’re going crazy trying to get through the crap you’ve been going through
– When you catch a cold or the flu jus cz you’ve hugged people you haven’t seen in forever
– When you’re working that flatulence
– When your claws come out
– When you get a cut or bruise (kick a** antiseptic properties)

Yes it really is great- but I’m just NOT a tea person…


3 Responses to “Chamomile tea-the art of the Bourgeoisie?”

  1. Summer Says:

    i haven’t tried it yet… but looks like i will try it one day 😛

  2. diana Says:

    Okay, this blog is officially being linked to my blog. I’m plugging you. x

  3. daedul Says:

    Summer- no worries, jus come over- i’ve got plenty at home 😉

    And Diana- so that makes me yaaay cool- an honor my darlin…


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