A**holes- the non-secret society.

March 26, 2010

Fact: assholes have been around forever.

Popular ones are Hitler, Stalin, Beethoven, Coco Chanel, Bush etc and the less popular ones would be Turkish cab-drivers for instance.

So thats not new obviously.

I was doing some research on self-help books and stumbled upon this beautiful one, for assholes, at amazon.ca.

The title of the book is “A**hole no more” and it’s written by Xavier Crement M.D.

Now what this book basically does is teaches assholes to become decent human beings. It helps them deal with, and take their disease ASSHOLISM seriously.

I also checked up some more on the author Mr. Crement and learnt that he has 3 books in his Asshole Saga which are:
1.Asshole no more
2.Assholes Forever
3.The Asshole Conspiracy

Poor darling Dr. Xavier though, because after his passionate interest in the widespread epidemic of assholism, he went into seclusion believing in a conspiracy haunting him.

No one knows anything of him as of now. But we do know if you are an asshole or are related to one or have a friend who is an asshole- get them A**hole no more..


3 Responses to “A**holes- the non-secret society.”

  1. Linda E Says:

    Love it. Some people must have definitely inspired you- my poor little darling, to research ASSHOLISM. Is it banned here? Definitely need to get my hands on a couple of copies and save some a**holes that mess up my silk sensitive mornings..
    Curious, keen on & excited to read Dr. Xaviers’ books.

  2. I should buy tons of this book. Give it out to my asshole friends. Haha.

  3. daedul Says:

    Goodness do we have many of those boo? Never realised….

    Lol Linda- i knw wat to get you for Xmas- ur bday’s sooner- thats the both of u actually my Virgo dahhlings…

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