So Belgium’s got balls

April 30, 2010

I love Belgium. Why? It’s not only their world class chocolate that makes me love em. Please I’m not that shallow- they produce excellent blond beer too, so I’ve heard.

Thing about Belgians- yes they have history, other than King Leopold and of course there’s the ever so popular martial arts actor expert guy Jean Claude Van Damme. I have to admit, I used to constantly attempt to imitate his swift punches as a teenager. Now, I have nails- deadlier than his punches I think.

Anyways- yeah- this was quite unexpected. I don’t consider myself ignorant generally, but I guess I do remember the slight mention of the Belgians being irritated at the full-face veil at some point. But baaaam- this m0rnings news was a slap in the face!!!

“Belgians passed a nationwide ban prohibiting women from wearing full face veils in public.”

How do you say “wow, you’re just like me- passive aggressive”- in Flemmish? 

Because shame shame shame on you pussy cats- all you do is sit and purr when you make it sound like you’re roaring lions- no need for name mentioning.

So yea- the full face veil. Let’s face it. Belgium, and the rest of Western Europe are different compared to the Middle East. You cannot disagree with this one.

Geographically speaking, historically, religiously. We are simply different. We can live in harmony. We have done it before. But we choose to act spoilt.

I know tons of beautiful women who wear the full-face veil aka niqab and they are as intelligent, well-educated and loving as any standard European woman, judging by European standards. But the only difference is their choice of clothing. 

I also know plenty of Western women that have chosen this method of dressing. I’m talking about white women with combat boots and a niqab. Because they believe this is how they should be. But they live here, and when they travel- they dress the same way. To each their own, I say.

Out here- wearing the veil is fine- why? Because it’s normal. Do I wear it? No.

How do I get looked at? Remember the pink adidas guy- he was nothing.

Being harassed here can mean that you’re quietly sitting in your car, as your driver drives you towards your destination and guys play chicken. This can mean three or four cars trying to sandwich you in a busy street just because they think it’s funny and they wanna see which number you’re going to take.

They do this whether you wear the full-face veil or not. It is a trend and the way to date out here.

This subculture does not get to my friends and I- because we’re basically hermits. We go out at the oddest time of day to avoid this b.s. But on occasion, we face the atrocities.

Now what I find fascinating about the full face veil is the way it is worn. No honey, it ain’t no regular face cover like the ugly ones you see on the news when they’re discussing France or the U.K. It is worn with STYLE and this turns men on. Regions have their own style of face veils. Age groups have their own as well and tribes do too.

Styles range from more of the cheek showing to less of the nose, using the head scarf across the nose exposing the forehead. There are tons!

I’m talking about the Gulf countries who mainly practice these. Maybe if full-face-veiled women in Europe got more creative and starting picking up these trends,  parliaments wouldn’t be so strict.

I’m craving calimari.


Traumatized by a Techie

April 27, 2010

Today, I was seriously traumatized by a Techie. It has nothing to do with the fact that he was Pinoy. One of my best friends is Pinoy or so she claims- but I think she really is Mexican- her brother is my godson and her mom prays I get married everytime she’s in Makkah… And all my nurses/ beauticians/ laser therapists are Pinoy too!! So I love them!! It’s not a nationality thing.

My morning started with me going to Sony at 8:30 am and handing in Valentina- my beautiful VAIO.

A very sleepy, quiet Jeddawi Customer Service Rep asked me what was wrong and I told him my speakers weren’t working and hadn’t been working for a while- but I’d just never had time to take Valentina in due to my busy schedule and I didnt want anyone else to take her in- I had to personally get her checked.

So the well dressed, young man in his crisp white thobe, asked me to switch her on. As he gently began to stroke her, he coldly mumbled ” why isn’t the mouse working?” to which I replied- it was morning and he should cut her some slack. He ignored my comment and continued to stare at her, wide-eyed and waiting. Then he carried on ” she needs to be formatted”. My heart skipped a beat! The word format reminds me of a colonoscopy and laxatives! And this man said the word so easily. People should seriously think before they use the F-word!   

But I KNEW she didn’t have to be formatted because I had thoroughly researched my speaker problem online and discussed it plenty of times with my uber-intelligent friends so I knew exactly what it was and I wasn’t ready to be intimidated by this non-morning man!!!

I turned blue and I defiantly said NO- she’s fine- she doesn’t need to be eff-ed.

To furthermore prove I was not some unintelligent ditsy chica, I started to inform him about the FAQ’s I had gone over and which websites to find them on and I also told him how I personally tried to go somewhere on control panel and update some device. So WHAT-EVA.

I guess my techie talk showed I meant business, so he asked me if I wanted coffee and smiled, allowing me to clearly make note of his braces. Poor darling just came off as rude because of his low self-esteem due to the braces and severe acne. I’m so ignorant sometimes, and I instantly felt at home with Abdulaziz and forgave him.

Now thats when Andrew came into the picture. I explained my problem to this quiet man who made no eye contact whatsoever and patiently sat waiting and watching him as he did his thing. His outfit said he’d make things alright again. It was the khaki colored waistcoat and blue t-shirt and usb on a string around his neck that convinced me.  

He asked me the regular stuff. What was wrong, bla bla. And I repeated myself. I certainly did not expect to get yelled at by Andy- and his snapping soo caught me off-guard.

Here’s the thing people, I don’t know okkkay— I have 2 anti-virus programs because I believe 2 is always better than 1and back ups are always good???  Anyways, he has removed one!

As I sat bb-ing- he wanted to talk. He noticed how I had a certain game on my laptop- make-up mahjong and said “oh you play mah-jong” I defensively said- yes I do.

Then he added how I had to get a hard drive and put all my stuff on it since my laptop was getting full. I don’t know why, but he asked me if I knew what a hard drive was?! Is it my expression!??! A year ago I would have been confused, but I’m so much better at techie stuff now. And why would he think I don’t know what a hard drive is? Does he know my friends??!

Overwhelmed by Andy’s comments, I kept quiet and listened as he went on and on about upgrading my laptop and how I should buy this thing so my speed is faster. The RAM and stuff. And for some reason he had these intensely mean giggles, and I’m a nice person really.

Then he asked me why my computer was taking a whole lot of space and do I work in fashion. To which I replied- no I’m a blogger (hoping to impress him I guess and proud of my newfound passion). I think he rolled his eyes at me.

Once he was done updating things, he wanted to know why I didn’t use the finger-print security option since I had it. And he started to show me OMG how to swipe my finger and how easy it was to do!! I didn’t even have the energy to explain to him that sometimes I have traces of make-up on my fingers which doesnt allow the finger-print scanner to read my fingerprints. I was just devastated and humiliated and hungry.   

I have however, learnt from todays experience, that I love Valentina just the way she is and I may consider upgrading her. What if she only has 1 giga something, and the rest of the world are using 8 as Andy directed this statement towards me, in a what- I- assume very sarcastic manner.

You sometimes love things the way they are and for who/ what they are..

p.s. My speakers work now! Despite how you made me feel Andy- I appreciate it..

Somethings you simply can’t describe- like how some men always look and smell divine. They were born that way and grow up that way- or so you wana think.
My Dad is one of these men. He simply is a very beautiful man, and that’s not because he is my father but he really is. Nevertheless, he has his flaws, like all of us do but the one thing that’s always perfect about him is how immaculate he is.
I’ve actually been thinkin about it for quite some time now, and have found that truly gorgeous men are kinda difficult to come upon these days.
I believe it’s not because I’m picky like that or have a certain standard but because I really never see or hear of any these days- not from my friends, family- nothing (whether it’s gossip or good news i.e.)  
To allow you to get a clearer picture of what I mean- here are some examples.
Idk why I have these pictures- maybe because I appreciate a nice, well-groomed, elegant man- but I just wanted to share these very fine men with you guys.

I'm so casually hot..

Paul Newman, for instance, back in the day and up until now- is not only a beautifully groomed man, he oozes niceness and yummyness. I dont care if this picture was part of a photoshoot or not- but it screams ‘gentleman’ and he looks good sewing or doing whatever it is he is doing…..

"I like women. I don't understand them, but I like them"

 And then we have Sean Connery- our favorite Scotsman- sorry but honestly, he gives that funky accent meaning- lots of it and I don’t care if I have to squint to try n get what any Scotsman is saying… But he gave Scotland a reason to exist besides Bravehearts final screaming scene i.e.

This man is so charming- and again, no matter how old he is.

My husband is gonna be even better. No sorry- the best!


courtesy of billedbladet

I would like to perform my duties as a Royalist and officially wish our dearest Queen Margrethe a very Happy Birthday.

She’s been a fantastic Queen and I especially adore her smoking habit (yes,smokers have more fun)

It’s sad I can’t be there this year to wave at her as she gets out on her balcony and waves at us. There’s always next year or the year after…

God bless you my darlin Your Majesty…

It’s funny how only two days ago I wrote a blog on too much control.

I’m actually caught in between right now.

I hate the grey area.

I hate contradictions.

Cz apparently (and yes I believe in allowing a person to do what they want hence less problems, like Ovid said)- but also… I like rules.

I like rules because they give you something to fall back on.

I like rules because it hits you smack in your face when you’ve crossed a limit.

I like rules because deep in your mind it stings you like salt water on a wound.

I like rules because after you’ve broken them, you feel like scum and don’t break them again.

I like rules because giving them to someone who doesnt have any, actually straightens their lives out and gives them effing goals.

I like rules because I believe when I force my rules, they listen and things work marvellously to their advantage….

I however, don’t like too many rules.. To an extent I like leaders known as assholes. They made history, they taught people, they created nations and they created icons. They also got killed because they were assholes. And sometimes you need to be an asshole to get things done right….

Ovid said it best when he said “Cui peccare licet peccat minus” which translates to “One who is allowed to sin, sins less.”

I am a firm believer in that. Give me the freedom, and maybe I won’t make all those mistakes society despises so bad.

Moreover, take that away from me and I would want to know why those things are looked down upon, and I’d still go ahead and make my own mistakes, hurt, AND possibly learn from the consequences which would be none of anyones daggone business anyways.

In the real world, we don’t always get that choice though- or do we?

If you narrow things down, I understand it’s not as simple as it sounds- especially because we come from different cultures, we have different traditions and different religious beliefs, and we have been nurtured differently.

It’s funny how the world functions. It’s funny how we are raised to not do things and we still do them and we either learn what we have done is wrong and refrain from doing them- or we carry on doing these horrendous things and bear the consequences and get judged by our elders, by society and our pets.

Of course- things like putting make-up on in public, or friggin picking your teeth with a toothpick in private or public for that matter are things that need to be taught.

So, I would not categorize those here. Etiquette, I believe, is a different matter. But is that because etiquette has been part of my nurturing process? Or do I naturally find tooth-picking an uberly gross matter by nature?

Cooking 101

April 4, 2010

I just realised that for some reason, I get confused between pasta and eggs.

Don’t ask me why, but cooking them puzzles me.

I HAVE TO REMEMBER to put the eggs in water, instead of waiting for the water to boil- and only THENN adding the eggs in….

Chefs are the Gucci’s of the kitchen!! *sigh*

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