Meet Mr.Khorsheed

April 1, 2010

So Mr. Khorsheed, our current driver is a Sanguine.

I’ve known him for 3 years now- and he has the strengths of a Sanguine- he is talkative, cheerful, optimistic, helpful, a funny man and basically very easygoing. He also has a Sanguines weakness- he is extremely emotional, which means odd, intense, quiet moments.

At first we thought he was bipolar, but I figured he was a typical sanguine.

Mr. K, like Mr.Ali (from my previous post- the young driver in his late 20’s with a 16 year old wife) is a Pashtoon as well. Mr. K is an older man, somewhere in his 40’s i imagine and has a very unique, bulb-like nasal tip, that’s full of character.

Also, Mr. Khorsheed doesn’t speak English. He never speaks to us in English, but has asked us to teach him the language. I guess I can’t cope up with the abundant stories he tells us, so I’ve just adjusted to understanding his Arabic dialect. Hence, not teaching him any English.

Mr. K is a smart man, and has told me that he would have been much better at the English language had he listened to his teachers at school. He kicks himself for not learning the language, which is why he is one of the most hard-working men I know. His goal is to send his kids to the best schools and he also informs me of every result they receive at school. He is a proud daddy.

Now something I never knew about him, was his love for Lady Gaga- he, just like me likes Lady Gaga, he even reminds me to plug in my I-Pod whenever I get into the car and asks for the ‘chicken’ song.

I usually don’t know which one he’s talking about- so I play the entire Gaga Playlist.. That’s why I decided to google Gaga’s lyrics- and I only now realised he’s been talking about Pokerface and when she says-

‘jus like a chick in the casino,
take your bank before I pay it out
I promise this, promise this
check this hand cz I’m marvellous’

Ok none of that jus made sense to me- but I understand why he’d hear chicken and pick up on that..

Also, another one of his favourite songs by the gawjus Lady Gaga is Telephone featuring Beyonce.


3 Responses to “Meet Mr.Khorsheed”

  1. linz Says:

    hrhrhr- he is wierd and hates my arabic music!! and always asks me to play somethin funkier..hmm..drivers we come across!

  2. Hahaha I love this. You know, coz of my otherworldly connection with Mr K, considering how we’re both Sanguine. CHICKEN!

  3. daedul Says:

    YES Lee- he totally has his moments, esp those little ones where he’s irritated and snappy and you wana react violently- loool

    Booby, i think he should model for the shoot too- Mr.Number One Fan…

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