Yes, too much control equals this.

April 9, 2010

Ovid said it best when he said “Cui peccare licet peccat minus” which translates to “One who is allowed to sin, sins less.”

I am a firm believer in that. Give me the freedom, and maybe I won’t make all those mistakes society despises so bad.

Moreover, take that away from me and I would want to know why those things are looked down upon, and I’d still go ahead and make my own mistakes, hurt, AND possibly learn from the consequences which would be none of anyones daggone business anyways.

In the real world, we don’t always get that choice though- or do we?

If you narrow things down, I understand it’s not as simple as it sounds- especially because we come from different cultures, we have different traditions and different religious beliefs, and we have been nurtured differently.

It’s funny how the world functions. It’s funny how we are raised to not do things and we still do them and we either learn what we have done is wrong and refrain from doing them- or we carry on doing these horrendous things and bear the consequences and get judged by our elders, by society and our pets.

Of course- things like putting make-up on in public, or friggin picking your teeth with a toothpick in private or public for that matter are things that need to be taught.

So, I would not categorize those here. Etiquette, I believe, is a different matter. But is that because etiquette has been part of my nurturing process? Or do I naturally find tooth-picking an uberly gross matter by nature?


One Response to “Yes, too much control equals this.”

  1. It drives me crazy and breaks my heart to see him making some of the same mistakes, and suffering the consequences, that I had to learn the hard way.

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