Or.. we need the control..

April 12, 2010

It’s funny how only two days ago I wrote a blog on too much control.

I’m actually caught in between right now.

I hate the grey area.

I hate contradictions.

Cz apparently (and yes I believe in allowing a person to do what they want hence less problems, like Ovid said)- but also… I like rules.

I like rules because they give you something to fall back on.

I like rules because it hits you smack in your face when you’ve crossed a limit.

I like rules because deep in your mind it stings you like salt water on a wound.

I like rules because after you’ve broken them, you feel like scum and don’t break them again.

I like rules because giving them to someone who doesnt have any, actually straightens their lives out and gives them effing goals.

I like rules because I believe when I force my rules, they listen and things work marvellously to their advantage….

I however, don’t like too many rules.. To an extent I like leaders known as assholes. They made history, they taught people, they created nations and they created icons. They also got killed because they were assholes. And sometimes you need to be an asshole to get things done right….


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