Happy Birthday to HRH Queen Daisy

April 16, 2010

courtesy of billedbladet

I would like to perform my duties as a Royalist and officially wish our dearest Queen Margrethe a very Happy Birthday.

She’s been a fantastic Queen and I especially adore her smoking habit (yes,smokers have more fun)

It’s sad I can’t be there this year to wave at her as she gets out on her balcony and waves at us. There’s always next year or the year after…

God bless you my darlin Your Majesty…


One Response to “Happy Birthday to HRH Queen Daisy”

  1. Linda E Says:

    annnddd a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our very own QUEEN SALLY..
    and– A very Blessed National Day to Syrians all over the world..

    God Bless all 3 occasions always..

    Love u beautiful big sis of mine “ONLY”!

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