When things cannot be described…

April 19, 2010

Somethings you simply can’t describe- like how some men always look and smell divine. They were born that way and grow up that way- or so you wana think.
My Dad is one of these men. He simply is a very beautiful man, and that’s not because he is my father but he really is. Nevertheless, he has his flaws, like all of us do but the one thing that’s always perfect about him is how immaculate he is.
I’ve actually been thinkin about it for quite some time now, and have found that truly gorgeous men are kinda difficult to come upon these days.
I believe it’s not because I’m picky like that or have a certain standard but because I really never see or hear of any these days- not from my friends, family- nothing (whether it’s gossip or good news i.e.)  
To allow you to get a clearer picture of what I mean- here are some examples.
Idk why I have these pictures- maybe because I appreciate a nice, well-groomed, elegant man- but I just wanted to share these very fine men with you guys.

I'm so casually hot..

Paul Newman, for instance, back in the day and up until now- is not only a beautifully groomed man, he oozes niceness and yummyness. I dont care if this picture was part of a photoshoot or not- but it screams ‘gentleman’ and he looks good sewing or doing whatever it is he is doing…..

"I like women. I don't understand them, but I like them"

 And then we have Sean Connery- our favorite Scotsman- sorry but honestly, he gives that funky accent meaning- lots of it and I don’t care if I have to squint to try n get what any Scotsman is saying… But he gave Scotland a reason to exist besides Bravehearts final screaming scene i.e.

This man is so charming- and again, no matter how old he is.

My husband is gonna be even better. No sorry- the best!



4 Responses to “When things cannot be described…”

  1. Mickey Says:

    lets hope,that by the time my daughter is your age,she would say the same thing about her daddy.

    Mickey the 1 And Only.

  2. Mickey. ❤

    All good things for your daughter, inshAllah! Ameen.

    Booby, ya rabb! Ameen! Can't wait to meet your husband (and his single brother 😉

  3. daedul Says:

    Hey Mickey – she will 🙂 jus wait till she’s like 25. That’s when she’ll realise that mashala you are the most perfect man on earth. Prior to that- she will only take advantage of your love for her and how much you spoil her. Lol it’s a fact..

    Booby- I read “The Secret” way back- before it was called that. Back in the day- people used to mock my self-help book passion. And see, who’s the sanguine expert now???!?

    And darlin, inshala. LOL

  4. Linzy Says:

    Yes- Good smelling men..the ones that just pass the corridor and you can smell ’em miles away..those steamy gushes of good ‘ol cinnamon, lemon-grass and sandalwood aromas lasting the whole day through..dad is definitely one of those, ever since we were kids- I remember knowing he was in the vicinity, cz of his scent..
    Remember how we knew him by the scent of his hands..Me grabbing this guys hands in the supermarket. I put his hand against my nose and thought to myself- something is not right here! Not the mix of cigarettes and Cartier(at that point) that I know.. Sure enough- I looked up and realized it wasn’t my father, apologized and ran off! Things we do as kids!

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