So Belgium’s got balls

April 30, 2010

I love Belgium. Why? It’s not only their world class chocolate that makes me love em. Please I’m not that shallow- they produce excellent blond beer too, so I’ve heard.

Thing about Belgians- yes they have history, other than King Leopold and of course there’s the ever so popular martial arts actor expert guy Jean Claude Van Damme. I have to admit, I used to constantly attempt to imitate his swift punches as a teenager. Now, I have nails- deadlier than his punches I think.

Anyways- yeah- this was quite unexpected. I don’t consider myself ignorant generally, but I guess I do remember the slight mention of the Belgians being irritated at the full-face veil at some point. But baaaam- this m0rnings news was a slap in the face!!!

“Belgians passed a nationwide ban prohibiting women from wearing full face veils in public.”

How do you say “wow, you’re just like me- passive aggressive”- in Flemmish? 

Because shame shame shame on you pussy cats- all you do is sit and purr when you make it sound like you’re roaring lions- no need for name mentioning.

So yea- the full face veil. Let’s face it. Belgium, and the rest of Western Europe are different compared to the Middle East. You cannot disagree with this one.

Geographically speaking, historically, religiously. We are simply different. We can live in harmony. We have done it before. But we choose to act spoilt.

I know tons of beautiful women who wear the full-face veil aka niqab and they are as intelligent, well-educated and loving as any standard European woman, judging by European standards. But the only difference is their choice of clothing. 

I also know plenty of Western women that have chosen this method of dressing. I’m talking about white women with combat boots and a niqab. Because they believe this is how they should be. But they live here, and when they travel- they dress the same way. To each their own, I say.

Out here- wearing the veil is fine- why? Because it’s normal. Do I wear it? No.

How do I get looked at? Remember the pink adidas guy- he was nothing.

Being harassed here can mean that you’re quietly sitting in your car, as your driver drives you towards your destination and guys play chicken. This can mean three or four cars trying to sandwich you in a busy street just because they think it’s funny and they wanna see which number you’re going to take.

They do this whether you wear the full-face veil or not. It is a trend and the way to date out here.

This subculture does not get to my friends and I- because we’re basically hermits. We go out at the oddest time of day to avoid this b.s. But on occasion, we face the atrocities.

Now what I find fascinating about the full face veil is the way it is worn. No honey, it ain’t no regular face cover like the ugly ones you see on the news when they’re discussing France or the U.K. It is worn with STYLE and this turns men on. Regions have their own style of face veils. Age groups have their own as well and tribes do too.

Styles range from more of the cheek showing to less of the nose, using the head scarf across the nose exposing the forehead. There are tons!

I’m talking about the Gulf countries who mainly practice these. Maybe if full-face-veiled women in Europe got more creative and starting picking up these trends,  parliaments wouldn’t be so strict.

I’m craving calimari.


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