Aloha Summer (the season)

May 10, 2010

So Summer’s finally here.

How do I know? We have mangoes in the fridge of course. I know it’s May but for some reason, seeing mangoes means its summer to me. I guess such is the case due to my wild-fruity family. In all my 22 years of living, I have never once seen our house sans fruit.

So a couple of hours ago, I walked to the fridge to get myself a peach and surprise, surprise found mangoes there too. That split second really meant something to me….

 I realised I should have been Japanese. I mean, I love sushi. I love mangoes. Japanese people put mango in their food right? And if they didn’t, I would be the first.  

Sure, I could have chosen to be Thai, Filipina, Singaporian or Chinese. But I have friends that are those. Therefore, I would like to stand out and be the Japper.

So yeah- it’s mango time and the mangoes we have home are Indian btw which are THE best I reckon. My prayer is that God keeps their lands green in order to enable them to continue producing 13.5 millions tons of mangoes per year for exporting purposes.

And I also pray mangoes get cheaper in Europe.

For my calorie counting friends- 135 kcal can’t hurt right…. 



2 Responses to “Aloha Summer (the season)”

  1. diana Says:

    But Pepsi is only 100 calories! 😛

    And yes, we got mangoes, too. Staple fruit in a Filipino household. Haha.

  2. Mickey Says:

    ^ except that filipino mangos are pretty small,like everything else *pun intended*

    so a european lady with arab roots,blogging from saudi in english about how she wish she was japanese while having some indian mango.

    Globalization at its best.

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