The Green-Eyed Monster

May 14, 2010

So Dee and I were talkin the other day about the green-eyed monster, jealousy- the beaatch.

 Time flew by, we had to part and I couldn’t get it off my mind. Which is why I decided to research it. Yes, for fun and also because it is so damn serious- like stupid-ass gum stuck in your hair.  

Now, we only focused on men, and that is the angle I researched.

Our discussion was based on why men get so jealous? And why their sudden disruptive behaviour.

We tried to narrow it down to culture, religion, nationality, tradition.. and ended up agreeing that all men, pretty much get worked up about the same things.

Sure- it’s flattering when a man gets a little jealous because everyone knows it means he digs you. Every well-read, well-educated woman knows this extremely well, yet she sorta-kinda flinches when he reacts. At some point or the other, she realises she has overreacted and it was a mere caring- jealousy thing.

To make things easier- I have categorized my jealousy lists. I do not do justice to the different things men go beserk over- however, here goes.

Jealousy #1 aka the “he digs me” kind.

This is the kinda jealousy that ranges from some of your cleavage showing to hugging a guy for longer than 2 seconds or hugging for that matter. It can also be smiling at a guy just because you happen to bump into him or step on his foot. Sound like a scene out of “The Wedding Planner”? This is the result of our forcing them to OD on chick flicks- because wtf everything eventually backfires anyhow.

Jealousy # 2 aka the “woah honey- it’s not really but could- MAY be my fault kinda” kind.

You still have an ex on your cells contact list, or FB, twitter,digg or an ex called you up cz he wants to tell you he has kids now and he still loves you but had to marry his wife cz it was an arranged thing. Or he just wants to holla at ya.

A guys perception- he wants a piecea yer ass. In all fairness, they speak the truth cz men know what their species is made of- which means yes, they do want a piecea YO ass.

Jealousy # 3 aka the “who do you hang out with?” kind.

So yea, guys get concerned about who you hang out with and assume you have the hottest male friends that want a piecea yer ass. Yes our hottest male friends are hot cz they’re gay. Women don’t hang out with hot men unless they want something from them- kids. And if a woman hangs out with a guy who is “hot” by male standard- then, she sure as hell does not think he is hot. For her, he really just is a friend.

Women do not give a damn about another man if they are in love.

In addition, a well-matured, sensible woman would avoid hanging out with the so-called hot guy friend, simply to not upset her man. Unless, i.e. she is not into her man and a so-called playa.

Of course, there’s when a guy asks you to leave lifelong male friends. I think, do what you think appropriate. One must tread carefully- it really isn’t that black and white. However, common sense usually rules this one- and every woman has common sense. Basically, i.e.

Are guys just as sensitive as women when it comes to jealousy? Yea they are- they have their own reasons, just like we do ours. Their reasons differ to ours- but tey do exist.

For a man, jealousy goes hand in hand with possessiveness. You belong to them and they own you.

Jus like my TOEFL Egyptian student ends her writings- I say ” How interesting life is! “


3 Responses to “The Green-Eyed Monster”

  1. Reddee Says:

    Thank you for writing this, JJ. Though you’ve put everything in details, i can never comprehend men’s behavior, or their selective jealousies. Oftentimes, they say it straight to your face, BUT they also tend to keep it inside till it eats them up alive. Like what you and my other friend said “men don’t talk” (unlike the very, totally opposite,… US! Sorry, maybe i’m mixing up a little cos of the things we discussed about today, hehe….
    But yes please, do write more. I’m waiting for your future articles. Count me as a fan *winks*

  2. daedul Says:

    Awwwwww my darling fan you are 😉

    I love all our little quick conversations Dee Dee and yupp, you were my inspiration darlin….

    There are lots more to come my dearie- no but like we said today- they dont talk which is why statistics show that when a man truly loves a woman and she dies before him- he follows her give or take a year later.

    A woman however, talks it out with her friends. This doesnt mean she doesnt love her deceased husband. She just got it out of her system.

    Guys dont do that. They are as emotional as we are, if not more. They keep it all buried inside and it kills them (literally).

    No- I don’t read too much :p
    Love you darling Dee

  3. Linzy Says:

    You are awesome J! Love your articles based on facts of experience. Ahhh!! Men = a species I could never apprehend as much as I’ve tried..

    Inspired by todays major “3-Car Shark Attack” incident?!! 😉
    Yes, a man would def go all the way to protect his loved ones, even if it meant him winding up in some major dilemma which concerns higher authority!

    Jealousy comes with the whole package. We gotta deal with it! Same goes for them, too!
    Stakkels ..

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