Lil Wayne’s SINGLE

May 17, 2010

I love the guys music. I like the eccentricity he has going. You could say I respect people who like to express themselves and have no barriers.

However, I’m kinda mad at him. Lil Wayne is arghhhh. His latest song ‘Single’ which I haven’t been listening to on repeat (ahemm) has really upset me.

So I’ve decided to do some analysing and I figured he IS a man at the end of the day and I understand why he’d do what he did jus cz his woman fussed!!


The moral of this blog is we can all learn more than we expect to learn at the most unexpected places. So some tips for my sisters in nag are :

Lil Wayne says:  “my girl acting like a brat, so when she call, i don’t answer I just write her back, she hate it when I do that shit”

Translation and tip:  He’s tired- so don’t talk to him and it’s cz he’s not giving you attention- so you feel the need to be a “brat”. Leave him be. Go out and have fun. Someone else would love to have you be all bratty with them anyhow- or you get the above.


Lil Wayne says:  “we can talk, she’d rather fuss, this and that bout such and such”

Translation and tip: He thinks he wants to talk, so he’s giving you a minute FINALLLLLY so you think wow I have his attention and you’re still venting out yesterday or the previous month/ weeks issues which you said would never be discussed but cz you’re not over it of course- you feel the urge to discuss them. He calls it fussing.


Lil Wayne says: “she prolly out there f*@ &ing n-#gaz”

Translation and tip: He is trying to justify his own behaviour, so he is blaming you for being gorgeous and wants a break due to all the fussing and bratty behaviour. These are typical excuses men give when they cheat on a woman. Insecurities my darlings.


One Response to “Lil Wayne’s SINGLE”

  1. Wizzy behind those fake tattoos, shades and dreads, there is a handsome man every woman would die to be with so why dont u make them bitches jealous?

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