Things no one tells you about Morrocan baths.

May 21, 2010

Morrocan baths equal totally the rave here.

Almost EVERY woman in the Kingdom treats herself to it twice a month, recommends it and swears by it.

And today I finally did it and OHH-EMMM-GEEE!! SERIOUSLY!!!

So those who know me, also know I’m pretty much always up for adventure but dude I thought I was part of a Japanese horror flick! I mean what’s up with the steam Morroco?!?

I love getting pampered, I love hearing how healthy my skin will look after my whateva session and how much of a glow I will achieve. I love the results and I even love the pain- cz my motto is no pain, no gain of course.

So today I finally experienced a Morrocan steam bath and here are some things I learnt the hard way:

That you had to walk into the steam room with nothing but your lower part concealed.

That you’re in a dangerously hot room for about 2 hours.

That steam chokes you and you feel you are going to die- wallahi.

That women-bather-employees are very strong and ruthless.

That a woman can turn your entire body using her right arm.

That a rose-flower paste after lotsa steam makes you nauseous.

That it’s a semi-drowning experience with all the water going into your nose.

That the ol’ school way of using bowls full of water to wash you off, can be dangerous especially since you dont know the temperature or when she’s going to throw the water at you.

That shower hoses were invented to prevent hydrophobia.

That you have to have minimal understanding of the Morrocan Arabic dialect.

That you will learn Morrocan Arabic phrases.

That you will hear your bathers horror stories of being an abused housewife in Morroco and how all Arab men are monsters.

That you will have to have your driver buy your bather a meal as per her request. In our case Mr. Khorsheed made the food decision himself and bought her liver sandwiches and I really pray she hasn’t gotten food poisoning.


I have inserted paintings of what a Morrocan bath slightly represents. I wish I had taken pictures, however I wasn’t quite sure my camera cud handle the excitment. Aslan, I couldn’t see anything most of the time- so…

So would I do it again?

 I really don’t know. I need some time to think it over. I did enjoy the results and the experience but I need a year to get over it, I think.


2 Responses to “Things no one tells you about Morrocan baths.”

  1. diana Says:

    Hahahaha sounds traumatizing ;D

  2. Steam Rooms Says:

    Wow, that sounds…miserable. LOL Saunas and steam baths are great, but I’m not sure about either one for 2 hours, and the treatment sounds absolutely frightening!

    On a side note, I think the rose-flower paste might make me nauseous steamed or not. Perhaps it’ll be more enjoyable the second time around, if there is a second time. Either way, maybe you should try a more American style sauna or steam room (at a gym or in your own home if you’ve got the funds). It’s a great way to experience a much more watered down version of the steam bath, and you’ll likely get many of the same glowing results.

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