This IS sacrilege!

May 31, 2010


I don’t care what anyone may say to me or about me, but I hate it when you diss Palestine.

I hate when you are so ignorant  and use petty arguments to defend how illiterate you are.

I hate when you generalise and say “you people jus have to get over it”.

I hate that you prance around in the name of something and turn around and contradict your faith. I consider that ignorance too, don’t you?

I hate that you think so low of people jus because they are helpless, yet have the dignity to carry on fighting for their beliefs in whatever way they know best.

I hate that you judge people so harshly because they suffer.

I hate that you make light of a persons faith. This faith can range from their own set of beliefs to losing what they once had. It’s none of your business.

I hate that you speak negatively of them as a nation and generalise and throw in your b#$%hy lil tone. It makes me wana throw a donkey at you. But even a donkey wouldn’t approve of your intellectuality.

I hate it when you can see how misery rules and yet you disrespect, and wave a hand and say WHATEVER.

I even hate that you are so unaware  and THINK you know the Palestinian history and geography, cz darling- what do they call people like that? p.s. I didn’t major in either, but I don’t boast.

I hate that you think you’re all that because YOU ARE NOT, especially when you don’t slightly care or even show any damn sympathy for those who suffer. I will never wish you harm, but I hate the fact that you’re so ignorant.

I hate how everyone’s talking about the situation in Gaza right now and you Madame, once again, wave it off- cz you think you know best. I’d cut you some slack cz I always do- but some things, you just stfu for.      

 This one’s to those who think the Palestine situation’s something to get over.

Get over yourself.


6 Responses to “This IS sacrilege!”

  1. diana Says:

    Yeah, seriously!

  2. daedul Says:

    Some women are plain vulgar in all definitions imaginable!I wish I could jus go up to their faces and say it to ’em. However that’d be rather uncouth. So I’ll keep dreaming about it.

  3. Dima Says:

    Who exactly are u referring to Sally? I hope it’s not someone I know..

  4. daedul Says:

    Omgoodnesssss I sure do miss you my darling!!!!!

    Have you had baby yet?!?!? How is Spain?!!? And why do I not have any way to contact you?!!?

    I seriously miss you and yes darling, you do know these people… nuff said…

    p.s. im gna use the email that u’ve given here ok. 🙂
    love u mucho!!

  5. Dima Says:

    miss you too my Tenderheart Bear :DDDD yes, do use the e-mail address shown here and please write to me and tell me who those ‘people’ are..

    Baby will probably be born on Monday inshallah if all goes well..i’m having my labour induced, so scared..

    love you all xxx

  6. daedul Says:

    Awww I’m Tenderheart Bear- whatever happened to people calling me Warrior Princess or somethin lmao!

    Looks like baby’s gonna be a football one- if you wait 7 days darlin, the world will celebrate with you 😉 Sorry FIFA fever’s kicked in- you’re not here so I have no more baby fever.. Bt come back, and I will 😉

    Miss u lots and lots and here’s to when you said “my baby is Palestinian”

    If anything, you’re the Warrior Princess!

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