Pele, my personal fave

June 3, 2010

So FIFA’s a couple of seconds away- starts June 11, and as always- I can’t wait.

I was raised with football. I was taught the lingo. Pele and Maradona were the Kings. I said Beckenbauer before I said nailpolish. I knew of no other Kingdom except for the Football one. GOAAAALLL was like saying please, thankyou and sorry.

And for some reason I can’t stop thinking of Pele today. May God protect him and his health.


When he released the Pele Mastercard, I attended the ceremony, saw him for real and got my very own Pele Mastercard. He taught me finance. I learnt why it was bad to max out a credit card.

I used to believe he was friends with both my grandfathers (may they rest in peace), despite the fact that they did not speak the same languages and lived at opposite ends of the earth. But then again, I believed in Rainbow Brite and that Spiderman would propose when I’d grow up. Spiderman doesn’t exist btw.

So this one’s for you Grandpa Pele. 17 and you worked your magic on Sweden. You made 1958 a good year. Four FIFA world cups and three gold medals sure is somethin.


I’m speechless. I adore what you are about. You are a living legend. You make me wana shed happy tears.


3 Responses to “Pele, my personal fave”

  1. Reddee Says:

    J, where have you been hiding this football fanaticism of yours? I’m so glad someone understands!

    Pele is a legend fo’shizzle. I had a vague memory of watching his mini-documentary back in 1990 when World Cup was hosted by Italy. Can’t forget the back-flip kick of his.
    My bro had a lot of influence on me since he’s the one who got me hooked on football. I thank him to this day.
    And i thank you for writing this =)

    PS: I’m supporting Italy!=D

  2. daedul Says:

    Deeee Deeeee Deeee those Italians are dirty playas darlin tsk tsk… unless you like dirty :p

    I buried my football fanaticism a while back. I think thats when I developed new interests like ahem interviewing them and not jus watchin ’em. It’s never left me completely I hv to admit.

    I do have my insane moments which you will have the honor of experiencing soon darling girl.

    You are most welcome 😉 Glad you enjoyed it!!

  3. Milton Says:

    I personally have devoted most of my fanaticism to the U.S. Women’s national team. Some day We will reflect on the gargantuan feat performed by the Mia Hamm generation and realize what it took to popularize the game in the U.S. and what a great human story it continues to be on the heels of millions of young girls today!
    Milton Saravia

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