My family and phones.

June 5, 2010

So it’s Friday.

Friday in our household means every single person in our family calling every other single person in our family(i.e. if they are on good terms) and hollerin at ’em. Or vice-versa- whatever.

This ritual has been happening ever since I was born (in the 90’s).

I’d like to share this picture because I think it so perfectly describes my darling family. The dresses, outfits, expressions, enthusiasm- so 50’s. My aunts shuda been in Hollywood.


I’d also like to share the conversation I had the honor of hearing this morning. This is exactly how it went.  


Dad: Congratulations on the new baby! (My aunt has a son and a daughter, and her son’s wife had their second son, and her daughter had her second son)

Dad: Yes, I mean babies. How many kids do they each have now? Oh yes, I knew that. Congratulations- I’m so happy for you- may you live and see your grandchildren happy- ameeen.

Dad: Yes, ameen. I pray next year my daughters bear children as well.

Dad: Of course the child looks like his brother. Who’d you think he’d look like? Me, his uncle??? ( an example of a man misunderstanding a womans happiness and excess talk, regardless the relationship)

Dad: Why did blood come out of the childs belly button??!?!? That’s insane. That never happened to my girls.

Dad: *silent for 8 minutes* 

Dad: You know it’s all the chemicals todays generation eats. Its the hormones they inject into the chicken. All babies today have the same problem.


I’m jus loving my Dads theory. There could be truth to it- who knows? Lmao.


4 Responses to “My family and phones.”

  1. diana Says:

    Hahahahaha this is every father’s go-to reason for those awkward moments when they don’t know what to say.

    “My son is showing signs of homosexuality.”

    ” … It’s those damn chemicals they inject into chicken, I’m telling you.”

  2. daedul Says:

    Looool always on their toes thas for sure!! Do you see a similarity my darling? Guess who’s gna be talking about Spaniards not too far frm now 😉

    The s%$# our dads say 😉

  3. Reddee Says:

    I have period cramps. Must be one of those things they inject into them chickens.


  4. daedul Says:

    HAHAHAHA DeeDee,

    My shoes are tiny, my feet hv swollen cz I eat so much chicken!!


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