FIFA 2010 you have commenced!!

June 11, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen,

I shall be in limbo  June 11- July 11 due to rather important events. No I will not be in Afghanistan teaching children, my blogging absence will be due to a very busy TV schedule which will be followed by loss of voice, loss of temper, lack of sleep, possible flu and lots of pizza.

Yes, FIFA has finally started. So far, the only annoying thing of it is those bee-sounding Vuvuzela’s (South African musical instrument) which with all due respect, I’m SURE sound excellent if played properly but people- I’m watchin it on TV and the bzzzzzz is getting to me.

May God be with all the teams and give you strength and courage to play your best my darlings!!!

Especially Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, England, ALGERRRRRIA (proud of you), Holland, Portugal, Nigeria, Uruguay, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Cameroon and bellissimo Italia ( Italy cz my friends love you- you still play dirty).

That’s 15 favorite teams of mine, not all 32. This is for the people who say I like everybody. See, I don’t 🙂

p.s. I’m lovin all the pepsi ads, not to mention flashbacks of games gone by.


7 Responses to “FIFA 2010 you have commenced!!”

  1. HASS-REVOLT Says:

    Good post.
    I been a Spanish fan since the age of Zero & im rooting for Spain this year!

    btw tx for ur comment on Hanouneh’s post.

  2. daedul Says:


    Pleasure’s mine. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog btw and you shall be seeing many more comments I blv.

    Go Spain!!!

    Peace 🙂

  3. diana Says:

    So here are the teams I support, not because I really DO support them, but because our friend Dee [World Cup and football geek extraordinaire] has expressed support for them, and I support Dee:


    … I forgot the other three. KAMBAKHT! I will have to ask her again.

    I would say “Go, Spain!” too, but apparently, she’s not supporting them this year.

    And that’s about all I know of the World Cup.

  4. daedul Says:

    Oh and Boo- Beckhams not playing this year.. in case you had plans of watching him 😉

    You know quite a good deal- kambakhttt i’m proud of ya 😉

  5. alexkay Says:

    thanks for the photo props – have fun on your trip!

  6. diana Says:

    Hahaha nah, I don’t care for Beckham much.

    What I am enjoying is my friends’ rising hooliganisms. ❤ Makes me love FIFA this year.

  7. daedul Says:

    Last FIFA we weren’t that aggressive, I must say.

    And we are NOT hooliganismin anything!!! Duno wat ur talkin about!! loool

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