Beefin Simon Poulsen

June 15, 2010

To all the critics,

Yes, I mean all “you big shots who deliver news to the world” people plus all the disser’s.

Simon Poulsen made a boo-boo, but haven’t you ever made an even worse one yourself?? So go lick diarrhea darlings.

It was a mistake!! He did NOT intentionally score an “own” goal, and laugh about it!

Read up on psychology and learn basic human reactions. And you call yourself intelligent and educated with your stupid puns.

Yea, you wana sell your papers and trampy articles- good job. Carry on making fun of people and earn your living. I’m sure you can sleep absolutely peacefully at night.

Don’t you get it? The greatest men on earth promoted peace, love and harmony and preached against roasting!

But- YOU. Of course, you don’t.

Roasting’s your habit love and even though I’m not into cramping your style, go swallow a screwdriver! Seriously.

Simon Poulsen did well, and like I said before. We ALL make mistakes- no matter the size, a mistake is a mistake.

Here’s to playing Cameroon next.

And yes I am very miffled.


One Response to “Beefin Simon Poulsen”

  1. Linzy Says:

    Hmm- go lick your diarrhea..meanie! 😀

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