June 19, 2010

Most of the time, I thank God we can’t hear language the players use. It’d be unbearable for the weak hearted, I imagine, as well as the conservative.

Nevertheless, lip reading is a blast. Some of my favorite lip reading moments so far have been:


Carlos Tevez (Argentina)- HIJO DE PUTA – Spanish for ‘Son of a bitch’



Karim Ziani (Algeria)- KAZZAB! Arabic for ‘Liar’



David James (England)- FOCCCCK!!! English for ‘Fuck’



To the referee:

Klose- ARSCHLOCH!!! German for ‘asshole’

Schweinsteiger- Du bist ein affe in verkleidung!! German for ‘you are a monkey in disguise’

Khedira- Meine vorfahren getoetet ihre vorfahren! German for ‘ my ancestors killed your ancestors’    

Ok, I just made  that one up cz Klose did NOT deserve that red card- arschloch referee!!



Simon Kjaer (Denmark)- For Satan!!! Danish for ‘dammit in Satans name’ (damnation and Satan aren’t two good things).


Lip reading’s so much fun!!


One Response to “LIP-READING FIFA 2010”

  1. diana Says:

    HAHA I caught the hijo de puta one.

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