If I were a referee, I wouldn’t be Stephane Lannoy

June 21, 2010




Wallahi it has nothing to do with the fact that he was referee of the Denmark-Holland game, he’s jus plain thick.

At first, he strikes you as a real nice guy. The guy you’d be good friends with, and have semi-intelligent conversations with. You know conversations about fashion, football, good food etc. A friend of the family.

But dude, I’m glad you’re no friend of the family- cz I’d make sure of otherwise.

People are wishing he gets his ass back to France along with the French team right now and are threatening to beat him up with vuvuzelas… Come on!!! He did this to himself.

Those kind, pretty, brown, doe-eyes of his shuda really been harsh and lacking sympathy. Like Kaka deserved that second yellow card!!!!

Stephane, you need to take some more psych 101 classes or read some books on becoming assertive. I’m so glad I’m not head of FIFA’s referee office place or there’d be no evian for you!!

Arghhhh still can’t get over it!!

Lovin the passion Brazil 😉


4 Responses to “If I were a referee, I wouldn’t be Stephane Lannoy”

  1. Polo Says:

    Yea Lannoy a very bad referee.

    He take the pass for nothing and come to him for nothing. Sometimes I’m not understand yes. Why he drive all of us like this crazy persons.

    Good Kaka beat and I laughed with happyness, because it is fantastico. HAHAHAHAA.

    This a very good post and I love your website everyday.

  2. daedul Says:


    I can’t wait for Kaka to get back in the game!! Today’s game sucked!! 😦

  3. Polo Says:

    A woman love football. I love that woman.

  4. daedul Says:

    There are tons of women who love football out there 🙂

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