Hair’s what FIFA’s also about.

June 25, 2010

So I’m wondering why Sunsilk, Head n Shoulders, Pantene and the likes didn’t do any sponsoring this time around. Why do I wonder? I’m jealous ofc. Mashalla, some of these guys have such pretty hair!!!

I appreciate pretty things such as Georgios Samaras of Greece’s pretty hair. Very healthy too *spit spit*

Then there’s Martin Demichelis’s lovely, distracting locks too.


“Let me show you my hair’s longer than yours with this ball head nod trick”

It’s like the secret to Argentina’s success lies in the hair *may God protect you from the evil eye*


We style our hair the same way sometimes- I think Argentina’s been using coconut oil thanks to India.


Edinson Cavani of Uruguay listened to his mom and ate his fruits and vegetables. Good job!


Simon Kjaer of Denmark, number 3, definitely puts chamomile tea in his hair to nourish his roots and keep his hair looking bright and golden.

These pictures do not do justice to Kjaers lovely locks- my apologies.

I wouldn’t mind exchanging hair tips, you guys..


8 Responses to “Hair’s what FIFA’s also about.”

  1. edenchanges Says:

    lol – that made me laugh. I was wondering if I was the only one who had noticed the flowing locks being worn round the pitch!

    Not the English of course – all very short and styled on them. I wait with baited breath for the analysis of does long hair make for better players!



  2. daedul Says:


    Lol, am glad you enjoyed that one.

    I shall observe and analyse the effects of hair on these ever-so-delightful players- no worries 🙂

    Here’s to that one 🙂

  3. Nuje Says:

    Guys, didn’t you noticed that hair is an additional attraction point for the fans to look at? 😀 But maybe it’s just my opinion. Hair gives more attraction in all personality-endeavor.

    Or they intend to play with such look to distract a little their opponent and with that, it could add more opportunities in the game. 🙂 Sound weird huh . . .

  4. daedul Says:

    Interesting perspective Nuje,

    I like the analysis. Yes, I agree hair does give character and makes a person more attractive depending on what you’re into, ofc.

    And yes ultimately, your analysis is well thought of. Distract opponents and add more opportunities. All these intellectual things to ponder….
    Viva la FIFA lol 🙂

  5. Nuje Says:

    Viva! 😀

    But you know Daedul, the first person who was always distracted to that long hair in the game is their self.:) Specially when it covers your eyes during playing. I hope they’re not and it’s their opponent.

  6. daedul Says:

    Well the Spaniards long hair didn’t hurt their game ~ they still won against the Germans and now I’m bitter!!

    I’m so upset daggone it! 😦

  7. Nuje Says:

    Just cheer up! A good game has always a winner eh. We’ll see them on the next round, the next time perhaps. 🙂

  8. daedul Says:

    Thankyou for your merry cheer. But this one’s over and I’m still bitter lool.

    And thankyou for reading my blog too btw 🙂

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