So yeah, I apparently was NOT aware of the term ‘wife beater’, except for the obvious ya3ni.

Thanks to technology and excellent sources, I have found out what it means and would like to educate those who are unaware.

Call it ignorance, or lack of exposure but a wife beater is not only a man who beats his wife. They also are the shirts males wear under their clothing as well. Yes, I am referring to the sleeveless white, cotton vest sported by men all around the world technically. The same ones those men wear and beat their wives. Yes, the ones which commonly have stains, and a hole now and then ( so much for class ).

I would also like to insert some visual aid, in order to educate you, and do note that I have chosen the prettiest pictures around which weren’t many; but here goes.

Enjoy your little lesson ladies and beware of men who sport these naughty numbers.


You got the picture, eh.


I love my Spanish friends. This is not anti-Spain. This is anti-those who wanted Spain to win.  

My soft spot for Oranje will forever remain. And no I am not over the World Cup as yet.

Holland, I commend you for being excellent players!

And for those of you who think I have a thing for underdogs, including my own traitor sister ( no diamonds for a year ) Here’s a picture of them celebrating, esp for you. And I am NOT a spoilt sport.

It had to be either Germany, Argentina or Holland.

I pray I’m over it by this week. Until the next FIFA. See you in Brazil.

4- 0!!

I think the long-haired were cursed to be honest. Especially since I heard from some very reliable sources that *tsk tsk* someone mocked Brazils loss. I don’t know what kinda voodoo-ism was involved, but the Argentinians shoulda been spitting at themselves or carrying holy water and garlic in their pockets- cz darlings, you got skills too.

 To my darling Germans, may you be protected against the evil eye and may you play as well as can be. Mashala.

Some highlights of yesterdays Argentina vs Germany 2010 fifa match include:

Germany’s Thomas Moeller scored not even 3 minutes into the match!

Klose scored the second. Simple’s always sweet.

Yes, Messi was recovering from a cold. Maradona did not make that up.

 Friedrich scores the third.

Klose making a record of scoring 14 goals this World Cup.

Some things will never change- like how the world loves Maradona.

 Maradona’s a beautiful and talented man. Cocaine or not.

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