My Drug Refresher Course.

October 15, 2010

I remember a time when we were taught that drugs were bad.

I still believe in that by the way. And I strongly do. I do also wonder, what’s with them not being so badass anymore? Aren’t todays generations being taught “drugs ruin you”? So yeah, I partied when I was young but wth, that stuff still was NOT as common as it is today!

Drugs, do people even call them that anymore?

Hit a party and everyone’s on something. Wallahi, I feel like a Nun!

Due to my feeling jus slightly insufficient in todays world, I’ve decided to catch up on the happenings in a scene which I clearly am awkward in, just to yaknw, be able to have nice druggie conversations if I ever so happen to be in one of those situations.

Here are some basic things I was happy to educate myself with.

7 categories, all with a sub-category.

1. Hardcore stuff aka Narcotics: This includes megapopular glamour drug heroin as well as morphine, opium and methadone.

2.  Marijuana: To all the Potheads, smoking it is evenmore lethal than tobacco, contrary to popular belief.

3. Stimulants: This includes ecstasy, cocaine, tobacco and speed aka crystal meth. The rave amongst clubbers.

4. Depressants: Alcohol. Need I explain more?

5. Inhalants: Poppers and Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas. 

6. Dissociatives: Ketamine and DXM- not a drug used prior to clubbing. People on these either usually have near death experiences or experience a spiritual feeling. OR it freaks them out.  

7. Psychedelics: Acid, 2 C-B, Magic Mushrooms- stuff that’s got 60’s and 70’s written all over. Ecstasy being the baby Psychedelic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my convictions remain unaltered- call me ol’school if you will.


Some things never change. Like music, for instance. Hits remain hits and are never forgotten.

And I mean never forgotten.

So, I spent this summer listening to A LOT of Modern Talking. No, I don’t mean an Arab philosophizing, which is a future entry. I’m talkin about the German Europop band. I don’t even know how or why I know they’re German, but I jus do.

I used to be a big fan of theirs when I was like 1, especially their “Brother Louie” megasuperfab hit, so this time around I didn’t mind listening to their tracks over and over. I mean, I still mumble while I sing along, but who cares cz I hear it as shezonlylookytome, so leave it Louie cz I’m her lover.

‘A lotta things in life don’t need to make sense’ I used to think, but things suddenly do make sense with hardly any efforts I realise.

So, I made an observation this year. Modern Talking, Communism, Marxist beards, the Berlin Wall and Albania go hand in hand.

Maybe Brother Louie was code for some revolutionist tryin to break down the wall? How about their “You can win if you want”? Who was that one directed to?? “Atlantis is calling- SOS for love”?

If those weren’t clear signals to the world sugarcoated with album names like Ready for Romance when in reality they meant Ready for Revolution, I do NOT know what were, darlings. 

So I would like to say hats off, to those who tried to break down the Berlin Wall. Make not light of my delightful observations darlings, Modern Talking were a rebellious duo. They were all over the charts starting from 1984- 1987. And when did that daggone Berlin Wall fall?? 1989.

I rest my case.

p.s. Style has always been a major influence on the outcome of revolutions. I am impressed darlings.

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