The skinny on Jeddah Dating.

November 6, 2010

So my sister comes home shocked. Apparently in our forever being here, she had only heard about the infamous way people dated here in Jeddah. And she had never technically seen it right before her pretty lil’ eyes.

This is how the conversation pretty much went:

Her: OMG, you’d never believe what I saw today!!

Me: What?

Her: Seriously, it happened right before my eyes!

Me: Ok, what?

Her: You know we hear about all this stuff but I’ve never seen it happen ever ever before! I was totally shocked.

Me: Ok, what happened darlin?

Her: So I was on my way home (this afternoon), this started on Tahlia’s backstreet, there were 3 cars- a Bugatti, a brand new Kia and this cab.

Me: Ok.

Her: This cab had about 4 chicks stuffed in the back seat, each with serious make-up. This one chick in the middle was on the phone. 

Me: How could you see the make-up?

Her: We passed the cab and I saw those girls properly. ( She also noticed that due to her excellent eye for detail, mashala.)

Me: And then?

Her: They were sharking in on the cab. (Sharking; our term referring to the way guys in Jeddah drive their cars and surround women in cars, in attempts to annoy/ harass/ date them and idky else)

Me: Listening.

Her: So the Buggati and Kia were chasing after the cab, and the poor cab driver was doin a fast n the furious, trying his best to escape.

Me: I don’t even know what a Bugatti looks like btw, and they name cars after cities now?

Her: Then they sped up to the cab and the guy that got there was the guy with the Bugatti and that was it! That was the moment that shocked me.

Me: Did they skip the cab and grab the Baguette?

Her: Listennnn!!! They slowed down. The Bugatti drove by the chicks- window to window. The girl rolled her window down, stuck her hand out and gave the guy a piece of paper and they held onto each others hands for like a second or so.

Me: …….

Her: I think the guys here have this unspoken, man-to-man code/street lingo, cz the minute that happened, the Bugatti had obviously “scored”, then the Kia jus turned down the corner and drove off.

Me: thinking *your innocence has been ruined my darlin lil baby sister*

Her: I guess the coolest and fastest car won?

Me: I need to google the Bugatti and Rio.

So…. that, ladies, and gentlemen is how people meet each other here.


6 Responses to “The skinny on Jeddah Dating.”

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  2. Linzy Says:

    OMG- yes, that experience came as a shocker!
    Something I’ve always thought was “people plainly making up stuff that were non-existent”. Not that I’m a close-minded freak or anything of that sort- but it was just something strange I guess one would witness here, when people brag so much about how angelic they are or in other words ..pretend to be.
    I felt so bad for those chicks and wanted to ask my Yemeni driver (Mr.Sufyan) to try & protect those pretty girls who I mistakenly thought were being ‘sharked’, by possibly covering & blocking their cab from those evil attackers, with our Land Cruiser.

    Guess there was no need for that, those hungry sharks found their prey..Poor driver nodded his head, started uttering things under his breath, sped over and gave those chicks killer eyes- who were already on their phones. Whatever became of the two eels in the KIA who just swam away?!

    …to be updated on the next happenings

  3. daedul Says:


    I love how you worded every bit of it… my lil angel… You remind me of the song “Baby baby its a wild world”

    I hate the stress that we go through every time we are faced with the above situation and the panic that surrounds us as well as the fear that’s instilled in our hearts, no matter how much we “learn to ignore” the sharking….

  4. Mi Says:


    Funny that she witnessed the whole event, with all the details.. was she chasing the cab too…? Lol.

  5. daedul Says:

    Lol Mi, haven’t you had those moments where you’re jus caught in the middle of a sharkin scene…

    Also, to answer that question, nope she wasn’t chasin the cab- it was one of those “been there situations” y’know…. 😉

  6. Azy Says:

    How old are these people writing this blog I wonder?

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