On Expres.sion which rhymes with other stuff

January 10, 2011

Remember Madonnas song ‘Express yourself’ ? I don’t really recall the video clip cz either I was too young or banned from watching one of her many rather inappropriate videos. Ofc I am quite familiar with the lyrics of this classic, as many of you must be as well.

From Madonna to fashion… I was looking through fashion today, and being one for creativity,  I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from across Europe  and the East this week.

Fashion, is all about expression after all.











Isn’t it interesting how people express themselves?

Isn’t it interesting how they have created just their own style with that little touch that makes them stand out?

Isn’t it interesting how they make a statement?

Isn’t it also interesting how that cute little puppy is making a statement too?

Some of the many reasons we love expressing ourselves….


2 Responses to “On Expres.sion which rhymes with other stuff”

  1. Dentographer Says:

    am rather a faliure when it comes to fashion,am sure u recall that :p
    one day…one day.

    on another note,someone i know who happens to have your exact name was quite a chicka when it comes to fashion.

  2. daedul Says:

    Naaah Mickey, you always made statements in your own lil way….

    I just used fashion as an example of creativity… Think about ways we can express ourselves for instance- does it only have to be color, shape, or a trend?

    Stone Age had fashion too, they used bones to put up their hair for practical purposes and eventually added more bones to form a pattern and make a statement.

    This is my own theory based on my umpteen years of Flintstone analysis 😉

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