The Etiquette of Jeddawi harassment

January 23, 2011


So a bunch of Jeddawiya’s and I were talking about the usual harassment we go through in Jeddah with the shabab, and I was quite enlightened.

One thing I learnt was, women here don’t necessarily wear the “ring” which defines a womans marital status like in many other cultures.  In other cultures, like mine, we revere the ring which is first placed on your right hand at the engagement and then placed on the left indicating “this hawwwt chick’s taken so back the fuck off”.

That, apparently is of no significance here. I don’t know why exactly, and I can’t remember if I were given a reason or not by the beautiful ladies.

I also can’t remember how our conversation was structured, however a lot was discussed and what triggered it was me saying “ytf don’t those dirt-bags just look at our rings and leave us alone?”

Lots of us who have been here for ages, or were born and raised here, are aware that this dating culture/harassment is a battle we can’t win… The million dollaaar question is, how do you survive it?

Wise, or not so wise- you be the judge… I was told if you actually tell the guys harassing you that you’re married or engaged, they leave you alone…

I also learnt that the guys who listen, are only the guys from Jeddah because the shabab from different parts of the country react differently and have different attitudes. Right from the horses mouth, I jus quoted proper Jeddawiya’s.

Etiquette on a different level.


One Response to “The Etiquette of Jeddawi harassment”

  1. Dima Says:

    I’ve been told here that wearing a ring to show that you’re married is “7aram” because of its pagan origins..but then again, isn’t everything in this country “7aram”?

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