…on being behind, blogwise..

February 16, 2011

I miss blogging!

My only excuse would be that I mentally blog. For me, that makes sense. I haven’t kicked my blogging habit as such, just been busy with so much, esp with the state our Wild Wild East is in. I simply can’t keep up.

Spa days haven’t even cured me. My cries for help to rejuvenate and cleanse my state of mind, soul and totally toxic body thanks to Al Baik, seem like such a waste. My new best friends are Al Jazeera and Diet Pepsi. My defense is, at least it’s Diet.

And yesterday was Valentines Day. Or day before, since it’s past midnight now.

Thing is, you know you’ve integrated into Saudi society, when you schedule an anti-cellulite massage on V-Day and your masseuse is late cz she’s out celebrating Valentines at 5 in the afternoon. Sorry ya3ni, I forgot people still celebrate! What happened with getting arrested for wearing red and selling red anything??

And yes, her massage was quite half-hearted and I felt like shit cz I was on this guilt trip high. Not my fault, it boils down to Internal Organizational Management and shitty communication. Something not uncommon in Jeddah.

That was my Valentines Day. On a merrier note, don’t you jus love the picture?


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