Re-evaluate your budgets Jeddah

June 6, 2011

Sure everyone’s got their priorities and the one that seems to matter big time at this point in Jeddah is women driving.

Earlier on this evening, I was reading about this Saudi actress who got stopped for driving. She did the proper thing and apologized to the Ministry of Interior for driving despite the rules here.

They released her and she’s fine (I assume) but her car’s been impounded. It’s not like she was driving around for fun, she had stuff to do. Bless her.

The fact that all that investigation had taken place bothered me and all I can think is, why don’t they investigate when stuff like this happens.



In my humble opinion, harassment is a much much bigger issue and this is what they can increase budgets for.

Oh wait, Summer is coming up. I’ll have many more of these to post. Urghh!




3 Responses to “Re-evaluate your budgets Jeddah”

  1. The issue of this women driving just got out of context and turned to be in the middle of a historical struggle between religious and customs debates!

    On the other hand, are there still people who throw out their phone numbers like that? I heard that they already got extinct!

  2. daedul Says:

    Yess these morons still exist, and are around quite frequently lil asaf! I doubt they’re planning on stopping. On the contrary, they’re getting a lot more creative with their “dating” techniques. Idiots!

  3. Hahaha who is this resourceful idiot? We should take these numbers and give them to another idiot. It might jumpstart a romance between them.

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