Getting burned in Jeddah (view at your own discretion)

August 11, 2011

No peeps, I’m not talkin about the relationship kinda burn and whatever lingo you kids or Usher go on about.

I’m talking about getting a second degree burn at a salon in Jeddah. All I can think is, only in this country and very likely in another Arab country would something like this happen!!!

It’s 2011 for crying out loud, so why do Arab countries not have health codes or local legislations when it comes to the simplest things like opening a hair salon?

Over the past 6 years, I have met trillions of women here with a ‘salon-business’ goal, and that’s exactly how a lot of salons open up and get started. I think all they need is capital and a few women to run the show. Opening a business is easy peasy in Saudi Arabia and I doubt it even needs contacts. Or maybe it does, but I wouldn’t know cz I don’t know where these laws are online (if there are any and I honestly haven’t bothered researching them).

I’m not trying to change the Arab world pffff, but honestly when a hair stylist drops a hot curling iron of something between 220- 300 degrees Centigrade on your right arm as she’s in the process of curling your hair giving you a second degree burn, saying sorry won’t cut it. But in Jeddah, it’s fine.

And that’s exactly what happened on the 29th of June, 2011 when I went to Serenity, a salon in Jeddah run by Turks and Syrians to have my hair done for a wedding I was going to.

I’ve been going to them for 3 years on and off (when I’m in Jeddah) and they’ve been okay. Their colorist has a good rep. Anyhow, back to the point, when a hairstylist drops a curling iron on your arm and says ‘sorry’. It’s not f*#$g okay.

When I go up to reception and say “well you burned my arm, am I not going to get a discount at least?” and she says “no” and I pay S.R. 400. It’s not f#*$@g okay.

Now, a month and a bit later, the scar is damn hideous and I’m depressed. See, in a normal country I could sue a place over being effing depressed for starters. Here they burned my arm.

I spent crap loads on antibiotics, Doctor’s visits, all sorts of remedies not to mention time, on educating myself on what to do with my burn. I bought bandages, medical tape and God knows what more to see to that wound. And of course, the pain was intense needless to say.

Hating myself for not getting enough sympathy and whatever a salon’s required to do, I went back to the Manager a week later and showed her my burn. Mind you these are people with language barriers and heavy accents in Arabic as well as minimum English. So the lady said “what would you like me to do?” to which I replied “what do you think needs to be done?” She then added that the next time I’d drop by the salon, I’d have my hair done for free and I should apologize to my parents on her behalf.

So kids, see that’s how they do things in hair salons here. They send you home with an apology to your parents and IF (not happening) I go back there and get my hair colored, treated, blow dried, highlights etc, that’s like 3000 riyals max.

So f*&# this sh*t. They should give me at least 200,000 Saudi Riyals.


10 Responses to “Getting burned in Jeddah (view at your own discretion)”

  1. seleucid Says:

    Salamtek 7abeebti.. inshalla my hand not yours.

    The important thing is you’re okay 🙂

  2. daedul Says:

    B3eed i-sher 3an albek Sele, I’m fine now technically but I simply can’t get over it you know…

    Like I said, who the hell does something like this. This is absolutely unacceptable in another country and I know you know exactly what I mean!! 😦

    But ty for being a sweetheart 🙂

  3. Suzann Says:

    Omg Sally!!!!!!!!!!! Im so sorry 7abibti!!!!! I heard u talking about this incident on That Jeddah Podcast but this is really bad!! Why don’t u see if u can sue them! I heard Saudi has started on things like that .. At least make them pay for ur medican visits and meds and some compensation for the time that was spent on it !!! Salamaaat I will pray that there is no scar inshallah ….

  4. daedul Says:

    Yea people keep tellin me to sue them Suz, but I wouldn’t know where to start and I’m gna make excuses bcz honestly something like this is gna drag for ages. You know how that goes. I am so very upset and the scar is a b**ch! It’s honestly very ugly and that’s why I’m gna be a loser n just blog about it and pray that Serenity loses business and people hear how bad their customer service is. Love you Suz *hugs*

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  7. Sam Says:

    It is amazing the things businesses usuallly get away with in Saudi Arabia. The least they could have done was pay for all medical+travel costs.

  8. Missy J Says:

    Even the so called ‘high end’ salons are guilty of this! I went for a haircut at Yibreen in Riyadh, which puts itself forward as a European-quality salon. The woman brandishing the scissors hacked at my hair until I looked like a scarecrow!! All the manager could say was “It will grow back”.


    Yibreen does not care one bit about their customers, only about the bottom line: cash in the owners pockets… like they don’t have enough already 😐

  9. brad c. Says:

    Maybe you should start telling the truth about today. Its all sad I know.

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