My Drug Refresher Course.

October 15, 2010

I remember a time when we were taught that drugs were bad.

I still believe in that by the way. And I strongly do. I do also wonder, what’s with them not being so badass anymore? Aren’t todays generations being taught “drugs ruin you”? So yeah, I partied when I was young but wth, that stuff still was NOT as common as it is today!

Drugs, do people even call them that anymore?

Hit a party and everyone’s on something. Wallahi, I feel like a Nun!

Due to my feeling jus slightly insufficient in todays world, I’ve decided to catch up on the happenings in a scene which I clearly am awkward in, just to yaknw, be able to have nice druggie conversations if I ever so happen to be in one of those situations.

Here are some basic things I was happy to educate myself with.

7 categories, all with a sub-category.

1. Hardcore stuff aka Narcotics: This includes megapopular glamour drug heroin as well as morphine, opium and methadone.

2.  Marijuana: To all the Potheads, smoking it is evenmore lethal than tobacco, contrary to popular belief.

3. Stimulants: This includes ecstasy, cocaine, tobacco and speed aka crystal meth. The rave amongst clubbers.

4. Depressants: Alcohol. Need I explain more?

5. Inhalants: Poppers and Nitrous Oxide aka Laughing Gas. 

6. Dissociatives: Ketamine and DXM- not a drug used prior to clubbing. People on these either usually have near death experiences or experience a spiritual feeling. OR it freaks them out.  

7. Psychedelics: Acid, 2 C-B, Magic Mushrooms- stuff that’s got 60’s and 70’s written all over. Ecstasy being the baby Psychedelic.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my convictions remain unaltered- call me ol’school if you will.

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