You know how your week goes by, and there are some conversations you simply can’t stop thinking about…

Here are some of mine.

On the terrible Jeddah floods:

“I’m a rescue diver and I got my certificate from  Sharm Il Sheikh. I once saved a man from drowning and a shark bit me, here you wana see the scar?”

Me: “No thank you”

After the flood….

“The Saudi Civil Defence sent all us divers a text message asking us to join the rescue team”

Me: “Great! Did you go?”

Her: “No, because the water is dirty and I can get diseases”


On Dubai’s economy:

“Dubai is going down very soon. They are a country built on slavery.”


On “The King’s Speech” (the movie):

Me: “I’m watching The King’s Speech.”

Her: “Oh he’s back?”

Me: ” Umm I mean the movie”

Her: “How am I supposed to know, all you’ve been talking about these days is politics” ❤ lool love u!


On Egypt:

“I don’t get why people can’t have a revolution in peace”



A tweet on Egypt:

“He’s the King of De-Nial”


On cellulite:

“Apparently a massage makes you lose cellulite”


On feminine matters:

“Honey, does it still hurt you when you pms?”



It’s been one hectic week/ 14 days.

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