So I picked up on some Jeddah banat ( Jeddah chicks) phrases. I like to refer to these as new, because I find it amusing to come across this Arabic dialect. I believe it is solely Jeddawi.

And also, jus so you know, it’s not because I have chosen to do so, but I have involuntarily spent the last 6 weeks analysing a certain number of banat Jeddah.

When I look at them and hear them, they kinda remind me of Alicia Silverstone in the 90’s in the incredible Clueless.

It’s borderline annoying, needless to say, but rather an interesting behaviour analysis, therefore voila, have I compiled the top 5 words used in phrases that pretty, bright fuschia lipped, trendy-abayed, designer sun-glasses, LV bagged Jeddah banat use.

Note, these are excerpts from their conversations.

Word number 1kat-koot translates to super cute I’m guessing.

Eg. 1. Wow, sha3ree marra kat-koot! ( Wow, my hair looks super cute)

Eg. 2. Min jd, shan6a6k marra kat-koot! ( Seriously your bag is super cute)

Eg. 3. Il ice-cream 7ag McDon marra kat-koot! (McDonalds ice-cream is super cute)

Word number 2Marra translates to very much so.

Eg. 1. Ya Allah, marra 7ar (Oh God, it’s soo very hot)

Eg. 2. Do you like Angelina Jolie? MARRA MARRA MARRA (Very much so)

Eg. 3. Marra ma a7eb il foundation 7agek! (I so very much don’t like your foundation)

Word number 36afshana translates to I’m bored (mainly, also has various forms)

Eg. 1. Ya Allah, marra 6afshana! (Oh God, I’m so very bored)

Eg. 2. Mn jd, had al rouge yeejeeb il 6afash (Seriously this lipstick is depressing/ not nice) I figure..

Eg. 3. Aysh fee? Ma adree, 6afshana! (What’s wrong? Idk, I’m bored!)

Word number 4Galooda translates to Copycat

Eg. 1. Lay intee keda galooda? (Why are you being such a copycat?)

Eg. 2. Galooda! (You copycat!)

Eg. 3. Galooda- ana awal wa7day fel BB sawayt keda! ( Copycat, I was the first one to do that on BB!)

Word number 5Baby fish translates to Tuna

Eg. 1. Kul morning ashtaree nos baby fish kroo-wah-son. (Every morning I buy half a tuna croissant)

Eg. 2. Momken wa7ed baby fish salata? (May I have one tuna salad please?)

Eg. 3. Ra7 a5oye al kabeer (il actor) wa jablee baby fish min Dubai. (My older brother, the actor got me tuna from Dubai)

Basically, use one of these phrases and you’re pretty much equipped to handle Jeddah’s banat.

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